Southeast Asia Tea Tasting

Southeast Asia Tea Tasting

Attention, attention!!

After a couple of quiet summer months, we return with our events with @elculbdelte and once again we’ll repeat location @lagranerastyles @lagranera, where the service could not be any better and where we’re always surprised by their delicious pairings for our teas.

This time we will be tasting tea from Southeast Asia and you will be surprised by non-traditional tea varieties that this region of the planet has to offer.

We invite you to discover the characteristics of such interesting tea varieties, its terroir and the culture surrounding this ancient drink.

The tasting consists of an audiovisual presentation that works as a theoretical cultural introduction and a practical segment, in which we will do a guided tasting of loose tea while trying to discover a wide range of smells and flavours.

Are you going to miss out on the event?

No previous knowledge is required. Book in advance at

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