About Me

Tatiana Pérez Suárez, founder/director

If I had to choose a story to relive and retell, I would, without a doubt, live and tell the same story over and over again…

If I was to be asked when I would have liked to be born, it would certainly be 1984 again, in the same country and the same city; I would have the same family, same friends, same dreams… undoubtedly, I would become me, Tatiana, a Galician with a passion for emotions, extreme sports, nature, history… I would still be the very same humble, determined and caring girl with so many dreams.

I would love the world of tea with all my heart and I would go through all the same motions that have led me to where I am today… in my own tea shop, which I would have certainly called the same way, Tea Bridge London.


But how did I get here?

After having studied Business and Marketing and having all sorts of different jobs, I decided to run away from my fears and turn my life around. London would become the starting point, and the reflection and tipping point for everything. It was there where I started to outline my project even without my knowing it. I met those kind of people that make everything have sense, people who are worth it and who help you process everything.

Every tear was a learning moment and every person became a new story. After having learnt the language and spending a year and a half working for two big multinational companies, a Spanish one and an American one, I finally found the job that would make me discover my true passion, the world of tea.

Training courses, stability and professional recognition in one of the most important tea companies in London helped me figure out my true passion, what truly made me feel alive.

A piece of paper and being surrounded by teas, blends and flowers was everything I needed for the idea of having my own tea shop to start having shape. In 2014 I got ready to make Tea Bridge London come true.

I wanted to do it because I desired it with all my might, but especially because I wanted to do it in my hometown, in Arteixo (A Coruña), and in May 2015, with the help of friends and family, Tea Bridge London opened its doors, but I also opened mine and built a bridge between my past and my future.

Almost three years into this journey and I can say that I still wake up every morning with the same illusion and joy, willing to learn more and to show my passion for and vision about the world of tea to everyone who walks through the door.


What can you find in Tea Bridge London?

Because, from minute one, I want to be a part of moments worth remembering, reliving and sharing, all the products and services in Tea Bridge London are meant to be savoured. This is why we organise Tea Parties in the shop, because there is always something worth celebrating. We offer tea and infusion tastings of prime quality directly brought from their country of origin, we have all sorts of ideas for favours for events such as weddings, communions, christenings, company gifts, and we also create special baskets and personalised presents on demand.


What do I love the most? Well, aside from everything related to managing a shop of these characteristics, I love to organise workshops, because that is how I want to pass on the charm and history that can be found in the world of teas, by learning to enjoy every sip, smell and sensation…

The latest exciting news? Since last December I can officially share with you my Certificate as an International Tea Sommelier. It is a new achievement and a new story to tell that makes Tea Bridge London even bigger.

And the good news doesn’t stop there, because the very same Club del Té, the same one that has awarded the certificate, has chosen me, together with a team of professionals to be a part of their Tea Team, “representing Club del Té with my knowledge and promoting tea culture, from the earth to the spirit.”

So I am eager to continue writing on my book and fill it with sentences about fulfilled dreams, but always leaving some space for you to become a part of them, too.

If you happen to be close by and want to come meet us in person, we will be delighted to help you in Av. Del Balneario, 32, 15142 Arteixo, A Coruña.

If not, you can always contact us through our website.

Will you join me for a cup of tea?

One who smiles rather than rages is always the stronger, so smile and drink tea!!